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Benefits of Volunteering


Becoming a volunteer is great fun and gives you the chance to enjoy a variety of challenging and rewarding experiences.
Volunteers often talk about the rewards they experience through their work, such as learning new skills, growing in confidence, or making new friends.

Most often volunteers speak about the satisfaction their volunteering brings - seeing how the work they do contributes directly to improving the well being of others and the communities they live in.


Look what you could benefit from!!!


Developing existing skills and learning new skills - many voluntary activities have some form of training attached to them, either informal or formal.


Building your confidence - networking with a wide range of people can help develop your interpersonal skills, and, if you have not been employed for some time, volunteering can help you get back into a working routine at your own pace.


Making new friends - volunteering is a great opportunity to meet new diverse people of all ages, experiences and backgrounds, who you would otherwise not interact with.


Fun and challenge - if you feel a little stale and are looking for new challenges and interest in your life, then there are all sorts of volunteer opportunities available to you.


Enhancing your career prospects - research shows that employers would often choose someone with volunteering experience on their CV over someone without, as it shows you have real commitment .  Volunteering can also bring you into contact with all kinds of professionals and people from every walk of life, offering you abundant networking opportunities.


Being part of a community - volunteering is an excellent way of getting in touch with the community around you and contributing to its development. Helping to improve or change someone’s life for the better can be one of the most personally rewarding things you ever do.  


Improving your own physical and mental well-being - some research shows that helping others regularly can produce significant health benefits, such as a more optimistic outlook, increased energy,  and a greater sense of relaxation and improvement in sleep.


What's not to like? Give volunteering a go now!!

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Last Modified: 2 Jan 2014