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Young People Volunteering


You can be any age and any abilty to volunteer and help out your communtiy. For example at least 40 young volunteers aged 12-25 helped 40 disabled children at the club


Comments from some of the volunteers




Summer club was a fantastic experience! I really, really enjoyed working with ALL the people there as they were all so nice! I had some great day trips out too, and it was a chance to meet new people, make new friends and do something new and rewarding! It felt great to volunteer in something like this, it isn’t an opportunity that many people get and it felt like I had really done something good, and achieved something! It was also good to learn a bit of sign language and communicate with some of the children like this. It was a new skill I learnt from summer club.
I will definitely volunteer again!




The main things I got from summer club was meeting some great kids and learning how good it makes you feel to help them and play with them for a few hours each day. Dealing with difficult situations has improved my communication techniques and made me more confident overall with everyone including myself. As far as training goes there was an evening last year which went through all types of situations I might find myself in and what to expect from the kids and other volunteers.



I learnt a lot about children with difficulties and learnt how hard and frustrating it must be for them every day of there lives but that they can still have fun and that the kids are really lovely people.

I also learnt a few lessons on looking after a child and helping them get involved and enjoy themselves.

I don’t do any other volunteer work but if the opportunity eroze I would



Well enjoy looking after the children and then watch them having fun doing the activities, I had escorting training and my training for being a worker and other voluntary stuff I do at Thursday Club and I do sits for some children.




I volunteer with Summer Club and Thursday club because I enjoy working with children and this gives me an opportunity to work with children and to try new activities. I get a lot of enjoyment from volunteering and the training has given me new skills. The main reason I do volunteer work because I enjoy it.




The reason why I do volunteer work with summer Club is because I was a member at summer club from the age of six and I can remember all the fun I had at every summer at summer club and now am a volunteer, I would like to repay by giving the new members of summer club fun summer to remember like when I was a member. I also do Thursday Club is lots of fun pushing the kids on the small bikes in the hall, coloring in pictures ,read book to them and when it summer we go down to the park. The other reason why I do volunteer work that you get to meet lots of new people ,learn how to deal with children who have special needs and most of all I enjoy it.


This presentation is a example how young people helped out at the club.




Here some pictures of the last summer club we did






young voluntees are involed in other projects 

Mats says volunteering has helped me to learn how to do do it your self skills  while i have been helping other at the same time i have my own flat and i now can do it up my self. 

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