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 A Wonderful Night! 2 December 2017

The Pride of Buxton Awards 2017 was a fundraising and community project initiated by Voluntary & Community Services Peaks & Dales (VCSPD) in partnership with the University of Derby and the Buxton Advertiser. We wanted to host an event that celebrated and involved the community, whilst also raising funds that will help protect VCSPD’s vital services. A fantastic celebration of community achievement was held on Saturday 2 December at a very Christmassy Devonshire Dome.  

During the Summer months, members of the public nominated people for one of ten Awards, listed below, for going out of their way to help others and continually work hard for the benefit of the local community. There were around two hundred entries put forward.  

The winners were announced and presented with a certificate and an Award at the ‘Pride of Buxton’ Christmas Awards Dinner on Saturday 2nd December at The Devonshire Dome. 

All proceeds from the event will go to Voluntary and Community Services Peaks and Dales to protect and maintain our vital services that have been helping vulnerable people within the community for over 30 years. These services include our Volunteer  Befriending Scheme, Volunteer Transport Scheme and our Wheelchair Hire Service. A charity raffle also took place at the event which contributed welcome funds to help support these services.

Winners and Commendations

Services to the Community
Sponsored by The Buxton Advertiser

Winner: Lia Roos

Special Commendation: Christine Francis

This award is for an Individual, group or local business who has worked in partnership or alone as a force for good for the Buxton community. It could be supporting young people to thrive, or bringing the community together to achieve something special. The winner or winners will have galvanised the support of the people around them to make a difference locally.

Fundraiser of the Year
Sponsored by Nashnal Security

Winner: Gemma Ellis

Special Commendation: Pam Lake

This Award is to recognise  exceptional or inspiring fundraising for a good cause. 

Young Fundraiser of the Year (Age 11-17)
Sponsored by Tarmac Cement & Lime Ltd.

Winner: Archie Qualtrough

Special Commendation: Elise Dean

Special Commendation: Lilly Anne Owen 

This Award is to recognise  exceptional or inspiring fundraising for a good cause. 

Inspiring Business Achievement
Sponsored by The Vault Buxton

Winner: Chris Hill Community Sports

Special Commendation: Angela Faulkner 

This Award is to recognise high achievement in business. Perhaps an individual within a community business, small business owner, or someone who has achieved personal milestones in their work or own business despite the odds. 

Child/Teenager of Courage (Age 8-15)
Sponsored by Lightwood Dental Care

Winner: Halle Beverly

Special Commendation: Harleigh-Jai Aldous

For battling against the odds to help others, or for facing a challenging or difficult time with bravery.

Lifetime Achievement (Age 50+)
Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Buxton & Buxton and District Lions Club

Winner: Charles Kitchen

Special Commendation: Roger Bennett

This Award recognises far-reaching achievement, personally or for the benefit of others, locally or nationally. 

Special Recognition, Health and Social Care Sector
Sponsored by Haddon Hall Care Home.

Winner: Anna Mankiewicz

This award category will change each year. This year it has a focus on recognising the achievements of local people working in the health and social care sector. Possibly inspiring carers, social workers, doctors or nurses who may have provided inspirational or life-changing support or care for other people. Individual only.

Special Recognition, Contribution to the Arts
Sponsored by The University of Derby

Winner: Andrea Lewis and Dave Goodaway

Special Commendation: Catherine Finn

This award category will change each year. This year we will recognise inspiring contribution to Buxton’s Arts community. Such as inspiring arts teachers, campaigners or volunteers, or perhaps a local community group or business providing a gateway to the arts for young people. Group or individual.

Special Recognition
Sponsored by Face Facts Beauty and Body Salon

Winner: Elysia Martin

Special Commendation: John Woods 

Special Commendation: Ken Swift

This award category is for achievements not covered in other categories. Inspiring carers, campaigners, teachers, members of emergency or armed forces. 

Mayor’s Choice Award
Sponsored by Clear View Windows (High Peak) Ltd.

Winner: Buxton Wells Dressing Committee and Volunteers.

This award is for an individual or group chosen by the Mayor for any inspirational achievement. The Mayor may nominate someone for the Award himself, or choose from the nominees of other awards if there is a particular nominee he would like to recognise.

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