SizeGenetics Adult toy for men

SizeGenetics is a kind of a penis extending device whose popularity throughout the world is due to its safe and significant penis enlargement results. I got the extender from a store that sells adult toys in Manhatten.


It is a traction device that is designed to enlarge the penis by using continuous tension. Basically, what the device does is that it helps hold a penis in an outstretched position.

Below is a detailed and positive SizeGenetics review.

Several months into experiencing sessions with the SizeGenetics penis extender, the penis’ cells may start to divide. The penis may as a result become somewhat thicker and longer.

In addition, the continuous tension stretches the ligaments connecting to the pubic bone. Once these ligaments have been stretched enough, more of the inner penis found in the body may start revealing itself. Its flaccid length is likely to increase as well.

The traction device made by SizeGenetics has a number of benefits. For one, it is not a low-quality, run-of-the-mill unit. Whoever designed it put a great deal of serious thought.

Also, the actual materials used to manufacture the device are of quite a high quality. It is unlikely that a user will look at the device and say that the SizeGenetics Company cut any corners.

A notable area where the SizeGenetics penis enlarger really stands out is comfort. Inserting a penis into such a device is not something that can be automatically enjoyable.

The manner in which the penis outstretches is likely to cause discomfort and soreness. When someone used the wrong traction device, the discomfort experienced will be even worse.

Anyone who invests in a SizeGenetics penis enlarger does not have to worry too much about soreness and discomfort. The device has been designed in a manner that the user enjoys maximum comfort.

The point here is that traction devices of low-quality will always present problems and flaws. SizeGenetics penis enlarger is a high quality and durable traction device that is guaranteed to increase the size of a penis.

Onece again, SizeGenetics has come up with a traction device built to work with constant tension to enlarge the penis. Essentially, the device assists in holding the penis in an outstretched way.

During several months of having these kind of sessions, the cells in the penis might start to divide. Because of this, the penis becomes longer and quite thicker. The consistent pressure also stretches the ligaments that link to the pubic bone.

When the ligaments are adequately stretched, more of the inner penis within the body might show itself. Flaccid length can boost as well.

Currently, there are many traction devices available. What makes the one provided by SizeGenetics a lot better?

The Benefits Of SizeGenetics penis extender

One part where these traction products really stand out is comfort and ease. Placing one’s penis into a device like this is not going to automatically be pleasurable. The outstretching of the penis will cause some discomfort and soreness.

With the wrong traction product, the distress will worsen than it ever be. Anybody who purchases a SizeGenetics traction unit does not need to worry about discomfort.

The building of the device was in such a way that greatest comfort will be achieved.

The real traction produced by the unit will be more than enough to give results. Weak traction will not deliver what is needed to make cellular division or the required level of ligament stretching.

Longevity is another great plus with SizeGenetics. Nobody would ever be interested in investing in a specific traction device only to find out it loses tension or, worse, begins to fall apart after a couple of weeks.

The running theme here is inferior traction devices are likely to display such problems and flaws. SizeGenetics is not an inferior traction device. For this reason, the durability it presents is top-notch.

What Should I Buy a Penis Pump or a Stretcher

Differences Between a Penis Pump and Penis Stretcher

One question I am often asked from men before purchasing a penis enlargement device is which is better a penis pump or a penis stretcher, that is a very good question, if you can only afford one which one should you buy. So let’s get down to business and explain the differences between both devices.

Penis Extenders “Stretchers”

Penis stretchers have been around for over two decades, some of the first devices were very rudimentary and offered very little comfort, most new devices are very comfortable and can be worn for extended periods of time 6 to 8 hours a day “or night”. A penis stretchers= is a traction device with two rings, one that fits at the base of the penis, the other fits the head “glan” of the penis, the stretcher has a retractable mechanism that can be adjusted to create tension “stretch the penis”, this tension creates tiny micro abrasions “cell division” which over time will make the penis longer.

Penis stretcher benefits and cost

Like anything, you do get what you pay for and buying a penis stretcher is no different, anything under $100.00 you might as well forget about,  it will be very uncomfortable and offer very little benefit, you can buy one of the entry level penis extenders such as the Size Genetics or Jes-extender, either one will cost just under $240.00 and will give you everything you need to get started.

The benefit of a penis stretcher is a longer penis, most men will see an increase of anywhere between 2 to 3 inches, most men should begin to see an increase in penis size in just a few weeks, the only downside about penis stretchers is they offer very little benefit when it comes to thickening the penis.

Penis extenders have other benefits including the ability straightening a bent penis (Peyronie’s Disease) they have also been prescribed to men who have undergone prostate surgery, penis stretchers can help correct problems caused by surgery “retracting penis”.

Penis pumps

When I mention penis pumps I am referring to the new hydro pumps, back in the old days dry vacuum pumps were used, but those were mainly developed to help men achieve an erection, new modern day hydro-pumps are very different, they use water to create pressure, the two best selling products are the Penomet and the Bathmate, each have their unique features and benefits.

A penis pump is a plastic cylinder that has a pressure release valve on one end and on the other it has a rubber sleeve, that is where the penis is inserted, to use it you simply fill the cylinder with warm water in the “shower or bathtub”, insert your penis into the opening pull it back towards the groin and begin to pump.

More blood flow means a bigger penis and a stronger erection

One of the most noticeable benefits that a penis pump offers is the incredible amount of blood flow that it forces to the penile chambers, this not only increases the length and girth of the penis, it also improves erection quality, making erections very strong and hard. Another advantage of using a penis pump is that unlike a penis stretcher that has to be worn for several hours a day, using a pump only requires one or two 15 to 20-minute sessions per day.

Penis pump benefits and cost

An entry level penis pump will cost you no more than $120.00 which is much cheaper than a penis extender, on average most men who have used a penis pump have increased the size of their penis around 2 inches in length, however the advantage of a penis pump is that it does a great job at increasing thickness, most men have thickened their penis by up to 35% using a penis pump.


If you can only afford one device my first choice would be a penis pump, mainly  because it is much cheaper and it is an excellent way to begin experiencing the benefits of penis enlargement, a penis pump might not give you as much length as a stretcher,  but it does provide both a reasonable length increase and they definitely excel at improving thickness.


Virility Ex Pills

Virility Ex is an amazing dietary supplement that helps men to enlarge their penises in only few weeks. The supplements are so amazing and offer men opportunities of obtaining brilliant results without using a single penis enlargement exercise or going through any unsafe surgeries. Unlike other male dietary supplements, Virility Ex is cool, calm and is composed of only natural traditional herbs, together with a high amount of amino acids and other related ingredients, which makes it totally safe and reliable for all men who want to buy it. With the totally natural supplement, the chances to encounter any side-effects or any adverse reactions are extremely low and slightly possible.

Virility Ex has many advantages. The first advantage is its discretion. Many penis enlargement corporations deliver their products within clear packages, containing suggestive words about its content, like “XYZ Penis Enlargements Supplement”. It is obvious that a lot of women dislike it when their sexual partners take penis enlargement pills. For this reason, women may want to keep away from having sex. Therefore, Virility Ex is an excellent supplement since it is delivered to the buyer within a discreet parcel that never reveals its contents.

The second advantage is that Virility Ex is one of the few supplements that guarantee safety. There are many other penis enlargement supplements containing harmful substances. Moreover, Virility Ex is specifically created to offer men amazing possibilities to get the results they wish for without encountering any side-effects.

The other advantage related to the supplement is reliability and its cost-effectiveness. Virility Ex provides men with an opportunity to make a secure purchase and rely on Virility Ex manufacturer’s reliability without any possible issues. Additionally, the supplement is very cheap compared to other penis enlargement supplements. Placing an ordering is very simple since the payment method is secure and offers a money-back guarantee that allows the buyer to get full refund if he is not satisfied with it. Buy it today and experience the wonderful sensation!

Vimax pills

Performance is the main requirement of a real man when it comes to bed. But how can a man perform if he has a very low stamina and endurance?

That is why I started looking for products and ways to improve my performance only to come across the product called Vimax Pills. I read so many reviews and testimonials that were amazing about the product and decided to give it a try. The results were amazing- in a few weeks I began having better endurance. It also solved my problem of premature ejaculation.

So what is Vimax pill?

Vimax pill is a male enhancement product that uses 100 percent natural ingredients that enhances men’s penis, endurance, stops premature ejaculation and boost stamina.

It also increases the level of sexual satisfaction of the men. And it is a perfect product for you if you have low self-esteem since it helps when it comes to problem of pre-ejaculation.

The side effects of Virmax Pills

When using Vimax pills just take 1 capsule per day to avoid the possibility of overdose. If consumed more than the recommendation you may have headache and sleeplessness.

Vimax Extender review 2019

Many atimes we feel ashamed to do sex because of the size of the penis we have,but that should not be a problem anymore,you can now rejoice and start thinking of the size of the penis you want to have all thanks to Vimax.Usually bigger penis is what women want because they usually want to enjoy every bit of sex and as a man you got to perform good in bed and the only to be able to please a woman in between the sheets is to enlarge your penis for actual pleasure,if you have been poor in bed,do not lose hope but try vimax extender and you will see how it will get you to your feet once again .


Compare to other drugs which is used to enlarge the penis,Vimax is the suitable to all because it is cheap and can be found in all chemists,people say it is pocket friendly and as much as it is cheap it does wonders and never disappoints.


This vimax has no side effects and it is safe to use because Doctors have approved it,furthermore it gives one high self esteem and brings confidence in bed,you can never find another cheap product for penis enlargement like vimax.

It can increase the size of your penis length to about three inches if only use in short period of time maybe about six months.Another good thing about this product is that it is small and can fit to any penis and also one can walk around with it without anyone noticing that you have worn it.

Lastly we can say that having sex has been made enjoyable to both Men and Women all thanks to this ‘miracle’ product.People with small penis can enjoy sex without causing any pain or home to the partener and himself,so if the size of your penis is that small then do not waste any time but rush and buy it today for long term pleasure.

All you need to know about VigRX Plus

There is nothing more frustrating that when a man cannot satisfy her spouse in bed. Besides, there have been many cases of broken relationships not least because the man cannot perform in bed. While some men lack the sex drive, others have it, but the organ is either small or cannot sustain the erection for long. Moreover, others will have an erection, but they will not attain the desired hardness. If you have experienced any of the above experiences or you have had premature ejaculations, you have visited the right place in the niche of time. This VigRX Plus review is meant to inform you of VigRX Plus pills a product which has solved these problems for other people implying it will solve yours too.

What is VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus is an herbal male enhancement supplement used to solve many sex related issues in men. The product is an improvement of Vigrx. This supplement does not only take care of erectile problems but also give you hard and sustainable erections. As well, the product increases sex libido, therefore, enabling you to satisfy your loved one. The good thing about this product is that its products are all natural therefore reducing the probability of introducing harmful elements to your body. VigRX Plus has proved to give real results to those who have used it in the past, therefore, putting steps ahead compared to other supplements in the same category in the market.

What are the benefits?

Alas! Some male enhancement supplements are made from dangerous chemicals that bring more harm than good to your health. Adding insult to injury most of them have no practical result, they only worsen the situation and give long term side effects making you suffer now or in future.

Thankfully, Using VigRX Plus pills has many benefits compared to other male enhancement supplements in the market not only does it solve the erectile dysfunction but also it is friendly to your health. These advantages include:

  • The product has no side effects; the fact that VigRX Plus is composed of purely natural ingredients show that there is no introduction of harmful elements which could be perilous or cause side effects to your body.
  • Has practical results; another advantage of using VigRX Plus is that people have used it and have confirmed that the supplements have solved their sex issues. This is important because you can use the product with confident since you are not taking any chances.
  • Strengthens relationships; Sex drive is a matter that has led to many broken relationships. VigRX Plus boosts your sex libido, therefore, enabling you to satisfy your spouse in bed. Your partner will certainly be proud to be with you, and your relationship will become stronger.
  • The product is clinically approved. Contrary to most of other sex enhancement supplements in the market VigRX Plus has been tested and endorsed by physicians. This gives it an advantage over other products in the same category.
  • The supplement prevents premature ejaculation; this means that you can last longer, to satisfy your spouse and have intense orgasms.

How does it work?

Lack of enough blood flow into the penis is the chief cause of erectile issues. It is important to note that one of the ingredients used to manufacture this enhancer Ginkgo Biloba has been used for decades to solve erectile problems. This product increases the flow of blood into your sex organ, therefore, making it not only hard but also making it bigger. VigRX Plus works by causing an impact on the penis cells (endothelial cells) which consequently lead to more vasodilatations of the penis blood vessels increasing blood flow into the organ.

The good thing about how VigRX Plus work is that it does not alter the blood pressure in your body like other supplements which try to force blood into the penis by altering the blood pressure, therefore, leading to complications.

What are the ingredients?

As we noted earlier, the VigRX Plus ingredients are purely natural.The primary components of the product are:

  • Damiana
  • Bioperine
  • Tribulus
  • Korean Panax ginseng
  • Cuscuta extract
  • Muira pauma
  • Hawthorn berry
  • Epimedium sagittatum
  • Saw palmetto
  • Ginkgo Biloba.

Are there any side effects

As we have noted earlier, all the ingredients above which are used in the manufacture of VigRX Plus are all natural products. The product has, therefore, no side effects after use. As well, it is important to note that VigRX Plus has been studied, published and no side effects have been reported. If you are, therefore, looking for enhancement supplements but you are worried about the side effects, VigRX Plus is the way to go and be assured that the product will serve you pretty well.

VigRX Plus testimonials

It is important to note that customer reviews give the most honest and accurate information about any product. The experts as well will recommend something after they are sure it is safe for use.

I, therefore, have found some customer reviews on the VigRX Plus’s website to give you a fair specimen of the matter.

One of the customers named, ‘Joshua spine’ said that after using the product for a week, he noticed a tremendous improvement in his erections and sex libido.

Another customer called, ‘Sam Alkayari’ recommended the product and said that after using the product for two weeks his sex organ “is a lot harder now.”

Physicians have also recommended the product, for example, Dr. Steven Lam, from Newyork University a renowned physician who authored The Hardness Factor?’

The ingredients in this product have been approved by FDA to be natural meaning that the product is recommended and harmless.

Where can I get it?

Well, if you want to enjoy sex life you need to make an effort and purchase VigRX Plus. This product is usually packed, but you can find it in bulk. If you want to buy the product, it is found in Amazon and other related sites, for example, eBay. The price ranges between $ 30 and $350 meaning that you have a wide range of choices depending on your budget.

Do you have any problems with satisfying your spouse? From this VigRX Plus review, you can clearly see that VigRX Plus is the solution to your problem. It’s simple, purchase the product use it, and you are ready to go.

Phallosan vs. other penis extenders

If you have been reading carefully the articles on this blogsite, or indeed if you have done your research on the ways to enlarge the penis properly, then you have learned that the only way to do so without worrying about any consequences or risks is by using a penis extender device. However, this raises a question of which of the penis extender devices to use. The market is flooded with different penis extenders, from the original Jes Extender, through SizeGenetics, Male Edge all the way to some rip off extenders that are being manufactured god knows where by companies that you wouldn’t trust with selling you a shovel, let alone a medical device. Phallosan is different from all of the aforementioned and it is unique in its way of application. It is our belief that this makes it a superior product to all of the above and we will try and explain why this is.

First of all, anyone who has ever used some of the aforementioned more conventional penis extenders will tell you that the claims about them being perfectly comfortable and impossible to see are not exactly entirely true. Namely, these extenders all use a system which involves two adjustable rods which connect the base and the ring around the tip of the penis and which apply the traction. This makes for efficient functioning, but the comfort and the anonymity of use are compromised.

For one, these rods make these extenders quite visible, especially if they are worn under tighter clothes. Furthermore, these rods can be quite uncomfortable at times, especially if worn for longer periods of time, which is a necessity if you wish to achieve the results. There are also other downsides to using these extenders. For instance, if you get an erection, things become very uncomfortable, as the rods do not allow for much room in such cases. This makes these extenders unsuitable for use during the night, or if you have an “excitable” penis that often gets hard. In addition to this, the claims that the girth of the penis can also be increased with these devices simply has no scientific foothold. Namely, these devices extend the penis in length and not in width; therefore, it is difficult to understand what happens that the girth is also increased.

On the other hand, Phallosan has none of these issues. First of all, it does not involve any rods that might protrude and become visible. It is more like a sleeve into which the penis is inserted and then stretched by the very belt that holds it in place. Moreover, the condom which is placed on the penis allows for stretching, which makes Phallosan suitable to wear even when you are having erections. It will not be a problem if you get an erection while wearing Phallosan. Furthermore, this specific way of applying the stretching with the help of this specialized sleeve means that the stretching is applied in all directions. As a result of this, Phallosan achieves absolutely the best results when it comes to increasing the girth of the penis.

You remember that we talked about how some of the penis extenders are manufactured in remote places and countries where the laws are not strict and where the manufacturing process is not on the level. Well, Phallosan is manufactured in Malta, which is a country that is a member of the European Union, which means that the manufacturer has to comply with the laws of the EU, which are very strict when it comes to manufacturing of medical products and devices. This way, you are also sure that the device itself is of the highest possible quality.

All of this, in our opinion, is more than enough to make Phallosan the absolutely superior penis extender on the market and a perfect solution for men who want a longer and thicker penis.


Penomet review

penometYour lover may have been complaining for quite some time about your performance in bed. When trying to figure out you may discover the size of your penis is the one that is letting you down.

In such a case you should take your time and look for the best penis pump which you can use for you to enjoy great results. You will easily locate the best pump after you take your time and read Penomet review and other reviews where you will get to know about the pros and cons of making use of a certain type of a penis pump.

So far, from Penomet review you will discover the pump is among the best that you can ever try in the field. Here are benefits that people who make use of Penomet are able to enjoy:

You will see great results within 15 minutes

You may have read from Penomet review that the pump offers results within 15 minutes, the truth is that you will actually see the results in such a period of time. This is a breakthrough, the problem that you may have been living with for a long period of time can easily get solved within less than 15 minutes after you buy the pump.

The pump will start showing you great results after the 15 minutes are over, but for you to enjoy great results you should make a habit of making use of the pump as stipulated on the instruction manual.

It is even to your advantage because the pump is self-explanatory, it is unlike other methods of trying to improve the size of your penis where you will let other people know about the problem that you have while trying to seek medication.

It is scientifically proven to increase the size of the penis

After you decide to read Penomet review and end up buying the penis pump, you will be on the right track. The penis pump has been fully proved by medical experts to be safe for you to use in case you will like to enjoy great results.

There are many people who have made use of Penomet, and others are still using the device and there are no cases where people have complained of adverse side effects.

In fact, this is a penis pump that you will use and enjoy satisfying your lover in bed while avoiding side effects like the one you will experience in case you decide to go for other methods where you will be subjected to a lot of risks.

Ensures stronger erections that lead to satisfying sex

Cases where your partner will complain every now and then will be over, the penis pump is able to turn your penis into a strong sex organ.

This is due to the fact that during the exercises that the pump will subject your penis muscles to, it will lead the muscles to developing naturally which will increase their size as well as the capacity to hold enough blood so that during erection you will enjoy full erection which are satisfying when in bed with your partner.

Penis Stretching with a X4Labs Extender

The X4Labs Extender may be a product which you might be not familiar with.

So, I am going to share some info about this system for penis enlargement.

Men who are interested in growing how long their penis currently is can definitely benefit from making use of this item regularly. Penis Stretching – Whilst ladies would also definitely benefit from the man in their life making use of this item, we are going to concentrate our discussion on how men can benefit from it directly.

For men who need to deal with the issue of a penis that is considered much less than average in size or small, the X4Labs Extender can aid. Most men with this problem don’t like medications or creams that offer a temporary short term solution, and are eager to try a item which will last for longer periods of time. These men are searching for a product which will lengthen their penis much more permanently, not just for an hour or two of passion and a lot more reliably, not just wear off after a short time period. In addition they’re also looking for… a product that they feel is secure and natural, and not invasive.

Plenty of penis enlargement goods available merely do not have this as a high priority! The vast majority of individuals aren’t very good with the notion of weighing down their penis, and penis pills may also be an undesirable choice for some, despite the number of men who do it… for special occasions. Also, you can find men who basically don’t need to think about surgery, and balk at the concept of employing a pump on their penis.

Men who are suffering with this dilemma are not talking about it to their buddies. Penis enlargement is no laughing matter and it can plague a man who is worried about size each and each day.

In the course of my life I have met men who in actuality did suffer from modest penis’. Many individuals say size doesn’t matter, however for men and women having a real issue it certainly does, not to mention for their partner. Penis’ come in all shapes and sizes. nonetheless the average size is somewhere within the region of 6″. You’ll find a large amount of men out there who have a penis barely reaching 3″ even when fully erect.

Obviously, The X4Labs Extender, has not been tested on every single man having a issue with the length of his penis. When studies were being conducted, men who suffered from chronic illness had been excluded from the testing.

What we can tell you from the studies that were conducted is that the X4Labs Extender is the only system that can assist to change the size of the penis without resorting to invasive surgery or employing an embarrassing system of weights. Penis Stretching – So, the good news is that it is possible to skip devices of torture like that and still enhance the length of your penis.

x4 labs

Discovering a system that works can be a relief for the sexual partners of men who suffer from a tiny penis. The X4Labs Extender might be tried at property. You do not must embarrass your self further by meeting having a medical professional. This system is safe and natural to make use of without leaving the comfort of your home. Penis Stretching – The X4Labs Extender has also been shown to give relief from a curvature of the penis. This is an additional condition that some men suffer with. Men who are open to this alternative can actually benefit from the X4Labs Extender. And it really pleases me to be able to share a product that works with men who have suffered for a lengthy time with curvature of the penis.

If you take a look at the history of penis enlargement treatments throughout the ages, and what men had been willing to do to get a significant penis, it would send chills down your spine. It really is disturbing to read about the bizarre and even hazardous treatments men resorted to in the past in order to attempt to enlarge their penis. Penis Stretching – Fortunately men no longer need to lay face down on a board with a hole cut into it, with the penis hanging via the hone with weights attached to it to attempt to make it longer.

We can also now boost not only the length but the girth of the penis thanks to modern methods. Thankfully there’s now an answer to penis size woes inside the great X4Labs Extender product, some thing I regularly recommend to men who wish to enhance their size. Should you do not wish to take pills, or are unable to for whatever reason, the X4Labs Extender is definitely for you – Penis Stretching.


What are penis pills?

Penis pills are supplements that are meant to increase the size of penis sometimes referred to as penis enhancement pills. Different people have different opinions on the penis size; others believe that large penis is suitable for their sexual satisfaction.

Due to the idea that large penis is the best for satisfaction it has led to people seeking pills in order to enlarge their penis. Apart from enlarging the penis, penis pills have various benefits to the male body and sexual, life at large.

Benefits of penis pills

  • Penis pills when used effectively can increase the size of your penis making it possible for you to satisfy your partner in case she is complaining of the size.
  • Using penis pills have fewer side effects as compared to other methods used for men enhancement.
  • Your penis girt is increased by the pills making it even more satisfactorily when you’re with your partner.
  • Sexual libido is increased rapidly.
  • You can achieve powerful orgasm by using them; the orgasm will be like blowing the mind of both of you.
  • As a man your self confidence is increased when with a partner.
  • Use the penis pills when with a problem of premature ejaculation and the problem will be gone completely.
  • The erection becomes stronger and rigid.
  • It easily increases the pressure in the penis allowing maximum rigidity without affecting the blood pressure.
  • If you are with a problem of producing less semen the penis pills considerably increase the amount of the semen you will produce after using them effectively.

How penis pills work?

  • The pills work by increasing the amount of blood flow to the penis thereby enhancing erection.
  • Increase considerably the force with which the blood flows to the veins of the penis hence making the penis rigid and increased in girth during sexual experience.