SizeGenetics Adult toy for men

SizeGenetics is a kind of a penis extending device whose popularity throughout the world is due to its safe and significant penis enlargement results. I got the extender from a store that sells adult toys in Manhatten.


It is a traction device that is designed to enlarge the penis by using continuous tension. Basically, what the device does is that it helps hold a penis in an outstretched position.

Below is a detailed and positive SizeGenetics review.

Several months into experiencing sessions with the SizeGenetics penis extender, the penis’ cells may start to divide. The penis may as a result become somewhat thicker and longer.

In addition, the continuous tension stretches the ligaments connecting to the pubic bone. Once these ligaments have been stretched enough, more of the inner penis found in the body may start revealing itself. Its flaccid length is likely to increase as well.

The traction device made by SizeGenetics has a number of benefits. For one, it is not a low-quality, run-of-the-mill unit. Whoever designed it put a great deal of serious thought.

Also, the actual materials used to manufacture the device are of quite a high quality. It is unlikely that a user will look at the device and say that the SizeGenetics Company cut any corners.

A notable area where the SizeGenetics penis enlarger really stands out is comfort. Inserting a penis into such a device is not something that can be automatically enjoyable.

The manner in which the penis outstretches is likely to cause discomfort and soreness. When someone used the wrong traction device, the discomfort experienced will be even worse.

Anyone who invests in a SizeGenetics penis enlarger does not have to worry too much about soreness and discomfort. The device has been designed in a manner that the user enjoys maximum comfort.

The point here is that traction devices of low-quality will always present problems and flaws. SizeGenetics penis enlarger is a high quality and durable traction device that is guaranteed to increase the size of a penis.

Onece again, SizeGenetics has come up with a traction device built to work with constant tension to enlarge the penis. Essentially, the device assists in holding the penis in an outstretched way.

During several months of having these kind of sessions, the cells in the penis might start to divide. Because of this, the penis becomes longer and quite thicker. The consistent pressure also stretches the ligaments that link to the pubic bone.

When the ligaments are adequately stretched, more of the inner penis within the body might show itself. Flaccid length can boost as well.

Currently, there are many traction devices available. What makes the one provided by SizeGenetics a lot better?

The Benefits Of SizeGenetics penis extender

One part where these traction products really stand out is comfort and ease. Placing one’s penis into a device like this is not going to automatically be pleasurable. The outstretching of the penis will cause some discomfort and soreness.

With the wrong traction product, the distress will worsen than it ever be. Anybody who purchases a SizeGenetics traction unit does not need to worry about discomfort.

The building of the device was in such a way that greatest comfort will be achieved.

The real traction produced by the unit will be more than enough to give results. Weak traction will not deliver what is needed to make cellular division or the required level of ligament stretching.

Longevity is another great plus with SizeGenetics. Nobody would ever be interested in investing in a specific traction device only to find out it loses tension or, worse, begins to fall apart after a couple of weeks.

The running theme here is inferior traction devices are likely to display such problems and flaws. SizeGenetics is not an inferior traction device. For this reason, the durability it presents is top-notch.