What Should I Buy a Penis Pump or a Stretcher

By | September 16, 2019

Differences Between a Penis Pump and Penis Stretcher

One question I am often asked from men before purchasing a penis enlargement device is which is better a penis pump or a penis stretcher, that is a very good question, if you can only afford one which one should you buy. So let’s get down to business and explain the differences between both devices.

Penis Extenders “Stretchers”

Penis stretchers have been around for over two decades, some of the first devices were very rudimentary and offered very little comfort, most new devices are very comfortable and can be worn for extended periods of time 6 to 8 hours a day “or night”. A penis stretchers= is a traction device with two rings, one that fits at the base of the penis, the other fits the head “glan” of the penis, the stretcher has a retractable mechanism that can be adjusted to create tension “stretch the penis”, this tension creates tiny micro abrasions “cell division” which over time will make the penis longer.

Penis stretcher benefits and cost

Like anything, you do get what you pay for and buying a penis stretcher is no different, anything under $100.00 you might as well forget about,  it will be very uncomfortable and offer very little benefit, you can buy one of the entry level penis extenders such as the Size Genetics or Jes-extender, either one will cost just under $240.00 and will give you everything you need to get started.

The benefit of a penis stretcher is a longer penis, most men will see an increase of anywhere between 2 to 3 inches, most men should begin to see an increase in penis size in just a few weeks, the only downside about penis stretchers is they offer very little benefit when it comes to thickening the penis.

Penis extenders have other benefits including the ability straightening a bent penis (Peyronie’s Disease) they have also been prescribed to men who have undergone prostate surgery, penis stretchers can help correct problems caused by surgery “retracting penis”.

Penis pumps

When I mention penis pumps I am referring to the new hydro pumps, back in the old days dry vacuum pumps were used, but those were mainly developed to help men achieve an erection, new modern day hydro-pumps are very different, they use water to create pressure, the two best selling products are the Penomet and the Bathmate, each have their unique features and benefits.

A penis pump is a plastic cylinder that has a pressure release valve on one end and on the other it has a rubber sleeve, that is where the penis is inserted, to use it you simply fill the cylinder with warm water in the “shower or bathtub”, insert your penis into the opening pull it back towards the groin and begin to pump.

More blood flow means a bigger penis and a stronger erection

One of the most noticeable benefits that a penis pump offers is the incredible amount of blood flow that it forces to the penile chambers, this not only increases the length and girth of the penis, it also improves erection quality, making erections very strong and hard. Another advantage of using a penis pump is that unlike a penis stretcher that has to be worn for several hours a day, using a pump only requires one or two 15 to 20-minute sessions per day.

Penis pump benefits and cost

An entry level penis pump will cost you no more than $120.00 which is much cheaper than a penis extender, on average most men who have used a penis pump have increased the size of their penis around 2 inches in length, however the advantage of a penis pump is that it does a great job at increasing thickness, most men have thickened their penis by up to 35% using a penis pump.


If you can only afford one device my first choice would be a penis pump, mainly  because it is much cheaper and it is an excellent way to begin experiencing the benefits of penis enlargement, a penis pump might not give you as much length as a stretcher,  but it does provide both a reasonable length increase and they definitely excel at improving thickness.